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Your guide to spiritual grounding

Your guide to spiritual grounding

Spiritual grounding is when we connect the body to the earth. Bringing balance to both your physical body and emotions. When you are ungrounded you may feel certain symptoms, these may include:

  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Feelings of Disconnection
  • Clumsiness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Shakiness
  • Sickness
  • Light Sensitivity
  • Forgetfulness
  • Nervousness
woman sleeping

All of this is due to being out of balance. Anyone can need grounding. However, it is essential to correct your balance if you are an energy worker or healer. (Please note each of these symptoms can also be linked to other conditions and illnesses. And if they persist we recommend you see your GP).

Ways to accomplish spiritual grounding

There are many ways to ground yourself and we are going to share with you some of our favorites. If you have never tried any of these before then choose a way that resonates with you. As we are all different what works for one of us, may not work as well for someone else.


peppers, tomatoes, rocket and hummus

Eating is a way of nourishing the physical body. And as a result, it produces a closer connection with mother earth. Ensuring your diet is healthy and balanced will give you a stronger platform to ground from.

Many believe root vegetables are best for grounding. Since they grow rooted under the ground. Meaning, they are closer to mother nature and therefore own powerful grounding properties.

Whatever you decide to eat is up to you. However, try and stick with a healthy choice and take time eating and digesting your food. Be in the moment and savor each flavor.

Natures benefits

This is the most obvious of all spiritual grounding techniques. Getting close to mother nature. There are many ways of connecting with the earth. These include:

  • Earthing – Walk barefoot outside and feel the ground underfoot. Focus on how the earth feels. Close your eyes and connect with mother earth.
  • Gardening – Feel the earth between your fingers. Touch the beautiful plants and become one with nature.
  • Meditating outside – Sit on the earth and feel it beneath your body. Think of a cord connecting you to the ground and anchoring you. Keeping you at one with mother earth.
person standing on a rock in water

Yoga and spiritual practice

woman doing yoga by the sea

Yoga is the ideal exercise for grounding. Since yoga itself, is steeped in spiritual practice. Try taking it outside to feel its grounding benefits even more.

Taking it slowly and feel the ground beneath your body as you move. Focus on the flow of the exercises while feeling the pull of the earth.

Finally, lie in the corpse pose and listen to the sounds around you. Whilst at the same time breathing through your nose and take in the scents of nature and life.

Crystals for grounding

Certain crystals are great for grounding because they hold protective qualities. Using these crystals can bring you a sense of calm and tranquillity.

Red jasper, amethyst, blue kyanite, bloodstone, and citrine are all good spiritual grounding stones. Try taking one in your hand and feeling the texture of the stone, whilst concentrating on relaxing.

Add crystals to your bath water and feel their energies mixing with your own. While letting their grounding properties wash over you. (Ensure the crystals you want to bathe in are not water-soluble).

red jasper



When you smudge yourself, it has the same cleansing properties as smudging your space. To begin you will need a white sage smudge stick or an ethically sourced palo santo stick.

Start by lighting your smudge or palo santo stick. Allow the flame to take hold, before blowing it out. This will produce a smoldering smoke and a beautiful aroma.

Next, move the stick around your body. Beginning at the ankles and working upwards. Ensure all of you has been touched by this magical smoke. Ending with the top of your head.

As we said earlier spiritual grounding is a personal experience. Therefore, not every technique works as well for each person. Above are our personal favorite ways to feel grounded. If you use a different method, we would love to hear about it @surrender_to_happiness.

Finally, for more information, hints, and tips why not take a look at our lifestyle and spiritual sections of our blog. Also, don’t forget we stock many wonderful crystals and smudge sticks in our webshop.

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