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Ways to show yourself some love

Ways to show yourself some love

As our lives become busy, and our days become fuller, many of us find ourselves neglecting our needs. Putting others first and feelings of exhaustion and tiredness. All have a knock-on effect on how we look after ourselves. So let’s bring back some balance and carve out a little time to indulge yourself. Show yourself as much love as you have been showing others. After all, as Eleanor Brownn said: “You cannot serve from an empty vessel”.

Grab a book

This time can be as simple as grabbing a book, a delicious drink, and cozying up on a comfy chair. Or going a leisurely walk and stopping off at a little coffee shop. Whatever you decide, that you need to show yourself some affection, you should do. Not only will it nourish your own mind, body, and soul, but will leave you glowing and showing your loved ones even more love.

Take a luxurious bath

One of our favorite ways to relax and show some self-love is to take a long hot bath by candlelight. While listening to some relaxing, soothing music. There is no rushing, no being disturbed, just time to breathe and be. For a relaxing herbal bath, there is nothing quite like making your own bath mixture. In addition, spend some time to care for your skin, by gently buffing your skin with natural lava stone. Here at Surrender to Happiness we enjoy this chamomile, lavender, and lime flower bath.

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Dried chamomile, lavender & lime flower herbal bath mixture recipe. show yourself some love.

Tea and face masks

To really appreciate your bath and achieve maximum relaxation results, sip a warm cup of chamomile tea whilst soaking away your worries or stresses. For removing dead skin cells handmade facial scrubbies make a brilliant eco-friendly alternative to many facial scrub liquids. Why not try a homemade honey and lavender face mask too. Honey has wonderful antiseptic properties, as well as being a marvelous moisturizer.

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Honey & Lavender Face Mask recipe.

Once bathed and feeling wonderfully calm and pampered. Try using an aloe vera body cream, it has many wonderful properties. Refresh your eyes if they are feeling tired. Spend a few minutes alternating between splashing cold water over your closed eyes and placing a warm flannel on them. Do this several times, ending with a splash of cold water. Before gently patting your eyes dry. Then sit quietly with your feet up and a slice of cucumber over each closed eye for ten minutes. Finally, enjoy the peace of just being.

Love yourself

Whatever you chose to do, spending some quality time on yourself is never wasted time. Spending time showing yourself some self-care is also teaching your loved ones that they too should care for themselves. AIt also shows them that the person they love and adore, feels the same way and that their love really does mean something. So go on take that time and show yourself some love!

For more information on how to “Bring self-love into your” life click here. And remember to keep an eye out for new self-care ideas and share any of your self-love rituals with us at @surrender_to_happiness. We love finding new ways to practice self-care. Also if you need to keep track of your rituals check out our article on “Introducing daily rituals into your life” and download the free printable ritual tracker.

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