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Child’s pose: have you tried it yet?

Child’s Pose, originally known as Balasana. The word Balasana originates from the Sanskrit word ‘Bala’ meaning child and ‘Asana’ meaning pose. Child’s pose is a relaxing pose and is practiced by yogis of all levels. Many yogis including the staff at surrender to happiness look forward to […]

8 natural remedies to improve your sleep

On average an adult needs between seven to nine hours of sleep a night to achieve optimum benefit. If you find yourself struggling to fall asleep on a regular basis. Or continuously waking during the night and feeling tired, then you possibly have a sleep […]

Alternate nostril breathing

Nadi Shodhana also is known as alternate nostril breathing, is a form of Yogic breathing. To break the name down: Firstly, the word Nadi comes from the Sanskrit language meaning ‘flow’ or ‘channel’. Secondly, Shodhana means ‘cleaning’ or ‘purifying’. Nadi Shodhana settles the mind, body, […]

A quick guide to palo santo

If you haven’t experienced palo santo yet, then you’re missing out! You’re probably thinking why? What is so special about palo santo? Palo santo means ‘Holy Wood’ and belongs to the same family as frankincense and myrrh. Surrender to Happiness only uses palo santo harvested from […]