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Make your own vision board

A few years ago I came across an interesting article on vision boards and goal setting. This caught my imagination and I produced my very first vision board. It wasn’t intricate and it wasn’t overly detailed. However, it worked and it got me focusing on […]

Develop a great morning routine

Early mornings and a good routine is a habit that most successful people share. With the routine part being the key. As we all know anyone can get up early but without a good routine, the morning is easily wasted. Successful people pay attention to […]

Take a different look at new year resolutions

In a world where life is so busy and time flies by, we have developed a strong misconception about January. We appear to believe there is a need to suddenly change the way we do things. This mainly stems from the tradition of new year’s […]

Happy holistic Halloween

Halloween is an annual celebration by many countries on the 31st of October. It is a night of costume-wearing, pumpkin carving, trick or treating and bonfires. A night of gatherings, family and friends. And undeniably an evening where we celebrate everything light, whilst acknowledging the […]

Autumn, a season of gatherings and warmth

As the evenings begin to darken earlier and the days become cooler, the run-up to autumn begins. This is a wonderful time of year. A time to embrace the changing colors of the leaves, campfires and warm blankets. To enjoy the fresh crisp feeling of […]