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Living a life of gratitude

As a society, we are often focused on striving for the next best thing. But is this constant pressure to only do better healthy for us? And do we take enough time to practice gratitude and acknowledge all the good already in our lives? The […]

Samhain, a celebration of life and death

Samhain marks the end of the autumn harvest and the onset of the dark half of the year. Nowadays, it is traditionally celebrated from sunset on the 31st of October until sunset on the 1st of November. And it is when the veil between the […]

The 5 best crystals for protection any time of year

Protection can mean different things to different people. If you are looking for a crystal to protect you from emotional stress. It is completely different from someone looking for protection from psychic attack. Therefore, it is important you know what it is you want to […]

Ways to celebrate Mabon

Mabon and the autumn equinox is here. The second of the three harvest festivals. It is a firm reminder of the changing seasons. As well as a period of reflection, thankfulness and plenty. Joy and celebration are in the air. With the abundance of crops, […]

Be a warrior, not a worrier

Virabhadrasana, otherwise known as Warrior, is one of the most powerful moves you will come across in yoga. Not only for your body but for your mind too. The warrior sequence can be practiced by all yogis from beginners to the most experienced. There are three main […]