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Be a warrior, not a worrier

Virabhadrasana, otherwise known as Warrior, is one of the most powerful moves you will come across in yoga. Not only for your body but for your mind too. The warrior sequence can be practiced by all yogis from beginners to the most experienced. There are three main […]

Plastic has been killing our oceans for years

We have all been to the beach and seen plastic litter left behind by others. Empty bottles, broken buckets and spades, discarded food wrappers, etc. Consequently most if not all this will end up in the ocean. However, it is not only the plastic from […]

Why is rose quartz so popular?

Rose quartz. Found in many homes, workspaces, rituals, and ceremonies. This well-known healing stone is easily one of the most popular crystals about today. Its gentle pink tones really signify the love created by these stones. Often called the crystal of unconditional love, this stone […]

Beltane and Mayday celebrations

Beltane is a Gaelic mayday festival. Celebrating the height of spring and the first stirrings of summer. Know as a fire festival, Beltane began on the evening before the 1st of May. When all household fires were doused and special fires were lit. Whose flames […]

Your guide to spiritual grounding

Spiritual grounding is when we connect the body to the earth. Bringing balance to both your physical body and emotions. When you are ungrounded you may feel certain symptoms, these may include: Dizziness Fatigue Difficulty Concentrating Feelings of Disconnection Clumsiness Lightheadedness Shakiness Sickness Light Sensitivity […]