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Aloe vera is more than just a plant

Aloe vera is more than just a plant

Aloe vera belongs to the succulent family of plants. In the wild, you will find the plant in hot, dry climates. With its thick, fleshy leaves, there is no mistaking this beautiful stemless plant. Many health and beauty practices and products throughout the world, use the gel found within the leaves of this plant.

Health benefits of aloe vera include:

  • The antiseptic qualities of aloe vera gel kill bacteria and fungus.  This is why many antibacterial products contain it. Take a look at your packaging and see if you can spot it in the ingredients list.
  • The plant contains latex, used to produce certain medicines. Latex can be used as a laxative. However, before you embark on using this for medicinal uses, seek professional advice. Since having too much of this is toxic to the body.
  • Aloe Vera gel is known for its properties. That helps promote the growth of new skin cells.  As well as, vitamins C and E, which help with healing of the skin. It can also provide relief for things like superficial burns, insect bites, and sunburn.
  • When used as part of a routine, it moisturizes and softens the skin. And is helpful for lightening stretch marks. Again many health and beauty products contain aloe vera, which can be found quite easily in your local shop.
  • Ayurveda medicine has utilized aloe for many years to help treat skin conditions, such as eczema. Due to the plant’s very high water content of 96%, it helps to hydrate dry, flaky skin.
  • It can also be drunk in juice form. Helping the body internally. The juice is not just full of vitamins and minerals as stated above, but when drinking it early in the morning it can help flush the toxins from your body.

Why not give it a try?

This is just a small example of the many health benefits of aloe vera. All over the world, there are people using this healing plant for many different reasons.

We have found this to be one of the best natural ways to take care of your body. It has the ability to make you feel fresh and rejuvenated both inside and out.

Why not try some aloe vera next time your skin is dry or you are feeling a bit run down? This plant is so versatile, you will surely find something that suits you.

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For more information on this wonderful plant take a look at these books: Aloe Isn’t Medicine and Yet… It Cures! and Understanding Aloe Vera.

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